SUPPORTING Social Innovation through storytelling & design.

For us, it’s about taking a collaborative, empathy-driven approach to project facilitation & development using storytelling and design. We use creativity and strategy as tools to make projects come to life in resonant, tactile ways, in order to support the artisans, entrepreneurs and innovators that are building our collective future.

Cara and Leila sitting side by side on a rock near the ocean.


We deeply value the relationships and connections we have with local creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs. Our approach is to support the environments that allow for their success in order to build the foundations for a stronger, sustainable, and just future. The more we can support those doing impactful things at a ground level, the more we can build up an ecosystem of community-orientated impact that is to our collective benefit.

A vital component to the way we work is an ethos of empathy – we put people as priority. Without active engagement from all stakeholders and communities involved, sustainable and scalable solutions aren’t possible.

We want to ensure that the energy put into a project results in notable impact.


How we apply ourselves is dependent on the challenge at hand in order to ensure sustained impact, optimised offerings and clear visual communication.

Our strengths:

Human-centred design facilitation

User & community research

Strategic innovation

Brand storytelling

Systems thinking

Project management

Documentary filmmaking


Profile of Leila on set showing client something on her camera.



We are two very good friends, brought together by a love of the ocean, mountains, and doing meaningful things with our time. We aren’t too keen on the corporate life, and want to be able to look back on our lives and see that we’ve been able to support others realise their own potential. 

Cara comes from a background of illustration, marketing and photography, and currently manages an art studio in Cape Town. She cares for supporting creative talent in a way that harnesses their ability to play. Leila has spent a fair bit of time as a producer in the film and photo world, but her heart lies in systems, collaborative design processes and finding the most efficient but holistic ways to support local business. 

Together, we spend a lot of time engaging with people and building ideas. OCTOPI is a way for us to apply that energy outward, in support of the ecosystems of entrepreneurship and innovation that excite us so much.